About us

We are a small brand ensuring quality, transparency, eco-consciousness and sustainable manufacturing practices. We are dedicated to thoughtful slow creation. Reducing unnecessary impact on other beings and our planet while providing an alternative to mass production and fast fashion.  

Our garments are made in beautiful simple shapes, earthy colours and plant dyes from recycled or organic materials. Collections are purposely created in small, sustainable runs and we plan to run out of stock. Everything is cut, sewn and dyed by loving human hand, and every person involved in production works in comfortable, safe conditions.

The brand is designed and created in The Netherlands and produced in Indonesia. Why we choose to produce on a country on the other side of the world? Because that is where the fabrics come from and there we were able to find all the leaves and plants we needed for the plant dye. We ship our finished products by sea freight and make sure all our talented workers are paid fairly. Next to that we will commit on giving back to the nature and the local community in Indonesia by donating 1% of our profit every year to a local initiative. 

Our production process is a slow and weather depending process. But we believe that that is how it's supposed to be.